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How to Link YouTube Videos to Any Website



Hi Everyone, Today I’ve made a special video for you that will teach you how to link YouTube videos to any website or address you choose. Click The Play Button Below To See The Video: Here is the link for the site to use: Liked The Video? Then Why don’t you click on the […]

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Get Your Site an Animated Favicon and Have an Instant Brand Recognition



. . Hey Folks, See what I’ve just added at the top left side of my blog just next to the URL line? Yes it’s a picture of me along with an animated text that describes what my blog is all about. cool ha? It is called ‘Favicon’ which is shortening of ‘Favorite Icon’. It […]

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How to download videos from various websites at a click of a button



Hey Friends, Ever wanted to download your favorite video from Youtube to your computer and didn’t know how? Or wanted to watch a webinar replay video and you were afraid that it will be taken off before you’ll be able to watch it? Here is a great solution to that, which will allow you to […]

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Get Yourself Ready To The New WordPress 3.0 Release



Hi Friends, Today I’m going to be swift and sound cause too many things are going on for me at the moment. However I just came across interesting headline in Mashable about the new release of WordPress 3.0 – that planned to be release later on this month – and its new features. You can […]

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How to add Facebook Like button to your blog



Hello Friends, Facebook recently announced a brand new way of adding social sharing feature to your blog with the ‘Like’ button. You may be familiar with seeing the earlier ‘Become a Fan’ button which has been replaced now by the ‘Like’ button. Site owners can now bring the famous button to their site making it […]

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How to catch your Twitter quitters?



Hey People, I hope you are enjoining the spring time  In this video You’ll learn how to catch your Twitter Quitters (The followers who left you) right after you’ve tweeted something, so you can optimize and balance your messages and tweets that will cause you the minimum loss of followers. To Your Success, Yossi Steinblatt

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How To Add Your Blog Posts to Facebook



Hi There, In this video you’ll learn how to connect your blog posts to your facebook profile or fan page. This way it will save you time for bringing this information to facebook and we’ll let others follow your posts from within facebook. Enjoy! Yossi

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What is more powerful than sex on the web?



Hi Guys, I just came across this amazing film, and decided to immediately share it with you. There’s no doubt that the social media has changed the way people share, interact, communicate, introduced to new ideas and do business. Is social media a fad? Or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution? Take […]

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How To Have a High Traffic Blog Without Killing Yourself – 50 Minutes Video Featuring Tim Ferris



The original title was “Scalable Blogging Behaviors: How to Grow from 1 to 1,000,000 Readers.” However Tim found it to be pretty boring so he changed it to “How To Build a High Traffic Blog Without Killing Yourself.” Here are the topics Tim covers in his 50 minutes long presentation: – Why He blogs – […]

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5 things social media marketing is NOT !!!



Hi There, I’m posting another great lecture I took & filmed at the affilicon 2009 conference. This time it’s about the 5 things social media marketing is NOT !!! The  lecture was given by Miriam Schwab – The CEO of illuminea marketing & media. Within it you’ll learn if:  1. it’s a ticket to millions of leads? 2. it’s […]

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