Webinars are a complete waste of time…

Ok, so we need to add to the opening title the following sentence – Webinars are completely a waste of time if you don’t know how to make income out of them!!

The Webinars industry is growing rapidly all over the modern world. For the people who don’t know yet what a webinar is, I will explain it in a few shorts sentences. Webinar is a combination of the words Web + Seminar and it is like a conference room but in a virtual way. The owner of the webinar room can invite people to join his conference and deliver a lecture from the comfort of his home to other unlimited amount of people (depend on the room size) from the comfort of their home. All sides needs to have computers and an Internet connection.


It doesn’t matter what business you are involve in, you need to have the Webinar tool in your marketing Arsenal.

The advantages of using webinars are as follows:

from the participant point of view:

  1. You don’t have to go out of home
  2. You save fuel and transportation.
  3. You are contributing to the “green world” attitude
  4. You save time
  5. You get maximum value in a very convenient way (from your home)

The advantages of using Webinars from the host point of view:

  1. Time saving
  2. Expenses saving – you don’t have to go and rent a place, no transportation expenses, etc…
  3. Contribute to the “green world” mission.
  4.  Own the possibility to invite unlimited amount of people.
  5. Building relationship with your audience through out the Webinar
  6. Self branding
  7. Can be scheduled at any hour of the day (usually 21:00 is the best time)
  8. The ability to sell after giving value.

Here are the main existing problems in hosting webinars:

1. Crowd fear– it is no secret that lots of people still “afraid” to speak in front of other people and this is the number 1 reason why people don’t use webinars.

2. Technology challenges – there are still people that think that in order to activate a webinar room they need to be techi gurus and because of that they don’t use the powerful tool of webinars.

3. High price – One of the main problems with hosting webinars are the cost issue were they are considered to be very expensive. Most of the webinar rooms cost around $100 for a 100 seat conference room per month.

Luckily there are solutions to those problems:

  1. Crowd fear: Webinars are the best tools for people who have crowed fear to start get over their problem. In Webinars, unlike frontal lectures, you don’t need to show yourself at all. You can just show a computer presentation where your voice is narrating the presentation itself. In addition, as a webinar admin, you have the control to answer a question you choose to like while the audience just type the questions and don’t “throw it in your face”. You also have the control to decide if you want somebody to go live with you when you are talking.
  2. Technology challenges – You don’t have to be a tech guy at all in order to operate a webinar room. It is very easy to use. Nowadays, technology becomes friendlier and it is very easy to use all the tools that are available.
  3. High price – Fortunately, today there are new companies that show up to the market which offers an unbelievable price for webinar tools. If in the past there were only companies like Gotowebinar – that were charging $100 $ for a 100 seat room, today there are very good companies that charge 1/10 of that price. One of the leading cost effective company is GVO which offers a 100 seat room webinar for $9.97 per month.

In conclusion: research shows that sales conversions from Webinars are the highest compare to any other use of marketing tools. Without a doubt, Webinars are marketing tools that every business owner needs to use in his marketing plan.

The fastest business owners who will understand the potential of using webinars in our industry will be the ones who will grow their income significantly.

Leave me your comments below and let me know if you are using webinars today in order to leverage your business…

Good luck

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