How To Have a High Traffic Blog Without Killing Yourself – 50 Minutes Video Featuring Tim Ferris


Blogging, Social Media

The original title was “Scalable Blogging Behaviors: How to Grow from 1 to 1,000,000 Readers.” However Tim found it to be pretty boring so he changed it to “How To Build a High Traffic Blog Without Killing Yourself.”

Here are the topics Tim covers in his 50 minutes long presentation:

– Why He blogs

– How to blog and selects best practices

– Frequency and tools — best times and days to post

– Blogging myths and how to harness data for better results

– Testing design and surprising findings that can be copied

– How to address comments and community building

– How to write and research for good social media response

– 20 minutes of audience Q&A on Twitter, branding, outsourcing, and much more…


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